Travel Ideas For The New Year

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2019 is finally here!!!  Here at Happy Adventures TRVL, we hope that you had a great holiday. We want to share some suggestions for this year to so let us just jump right into it.

Be Decisive On Where You Want To Go
There are so many beautiful places to travel to and it may be kind of difficult to where to go. It is early so now is the time to figure where you want to go and how long you would like to stay. Figure out what type of trip that you know will allow you to enjoy yourself. Once you figure this out, pick a specific date for your trip.

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Crunch The Numbers
Once you know where and when you would like to travel, see how much the trip is going to cost. Make a budget for the trip. You can have a great time without over extending yourself financially. The worst feeling about coming back from a trip is when you feel financially strapped. With that being said, know exactly how much lodging, transportation, food, and entertainment is going to cost you.

Set Up A Travel Fund
Once you know the the cost, start putting funds aside for the trip immediately. Have a specific dollar amount from each paycheck to go directly into a travel account. And yes, set up a separate account specifically for traveling, believe me, you will get to the desired amount quicker. Another idea you can get funds into your travel account is to get a side gig and use those funds specifically for your travel expenses. Have a hobby? Get paid for that to fund your trip.

Before You Get To Your Destination, Research About Its Culture 
This is especially a great tip for traveling outside the country. If you are going to a foreign country, at least take the time to know the culture. Trust me, it will make your trip a lot better. Whether it is learning some key phrases of the country's language, shopping etiquette, or even their cuisines, not only the people in the country will respect you more, it will make you feel great for being prepared as much as you can so you can enjoy yourself more with the whole experience. 

Be Flexible
Everything doesn't always happen according to plan. Even though it is great to have an itinerary for your trip, be flexible in the event that things may have to change. Keep an open mind and stay calm. You never know, the trip can be better than you planned.

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