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2 Nights Bahamas Cruise from Miami - Roundtrip
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Cruises can be so much fun, especially you have prepared for them. In order to enjoy yourself even more and have as little stress as possible, check out these Cruise Travel Tips below.

1. Ensure your passport is valid.
It would be down right terrible if you planned for a fabulous trip and you cannot board because your passport is not valid. This should be one of the first things to get in order. 

  • Check the expiration date. If you are traveling with other adults and children, ensure their passports have not expired as well. Adult passports expires every 10 years. Children passports expires every 5 years.
  • Keep your passport up-to-date. If your name changed due to marriage, divorce, adoption, etc. etc., then you definitely want to get that updated. If there are any misspellings or missing information, you should also get that corrected as well. 
  • Make sure your passport is signed. The passport is not considered a valid document unless it is signed. The signature line is located on the first page of your passport. 
  • Ensure that you have enough visa passport pages. If you do not have enough pages and it is required for your trip, you may get turned away.  As of January 1st, 2016 you will need to apply for a passport renewal if there are not enough visa passport pages. 
  • Pay your taxes and child support. If you do not have a passport, before applying, make sure your financial affairs are in order. If you owe back taxes or child support payments ($1500 or more in child support), you definitely want to clear that up. 
For more information about U.S. Passports, visit

2. Pack accordingly.
Some cruises may have a dress code, especially their evening dinner/banquet, so it doesn't hurt to see if the cruise line you will be traveling on might have one. Another good tip is to pack your essential belongings in a carry-on. Also, refrain from over packing, especially if you know your cabin will be on the small side. This will avoid constantly stepping over massive piles of clothes and bags. 

3. Enjoy activities in ports. 
There are ship-organized shore excursions that the cruise line may offer their guests, but independently arranging your own excursion activies in the ports will be much worthwile. For the most part, the cost is more reasonable, too. 

4. Have travel insurance.
Sometimes the unexpected happens and you or one of your family members traveling with you may get sick. Having travel insurance helps by being prepared for those type of situations and keeps your out-of-pocket expenses for the unexpected as low as possible.

5. Be kind to the crew. 
The crew members are so helpful and a great resource. As you can imagine, they have been to the same ports dozens of times and know their way around. By being friendly and socializing with them, they can drop some amazing jewels about the best spots to visit and other helpful cruise ideas.

I hope you find these tips helpful and have a wonderful time on your cruise!!!

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